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Friday, February 14, 2014

Clinical years-kulim hospital


Tak boleh tidur sebenarnya ni. Sebab dah tak tahu sangat nak buat apa (supposed i need to study but my brain to tired) then i decide update blog lah (kurang guna otak sikit kot? hehe).

Currently im in medical posting which is my third posting in 3rd year (hardest one in 3rd year ukm :O). Alhamdulillah, i passed both O&G and Surgery exam. I satisfied  dengan markah also for short cases, long cases, lab ospe and theory paper. (This is the first time i did not fail in anything in a semester throughout my med school. :D)

First year i failed biochemistry, genetics, microbs and pathology. Then in second year we learned anatomy, physio, patho, parmaco etc according to systems. I failed blood and lymph, cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, med and society (hadoai ni pun boleh fail), and neurology. But i managed to pass all after resit all the papers according to year and tak perlu repeat any year. So, I still stay within the same batch. Alhamdulillah.

For clinical years i think it is easier kalau rajin pergi ward, clerk cases, doing the procedures, see the procedures and of course balik you recall back what you have learned. Tapi for O&G med student lelaki susah sikit nak tengok banyak procedures due to patient privacy. Tapi nak palpate abdomen semua for practice, clerking semua tak ada masalah sangat as long as you get a chaperon with you (nak tak nak kena jugak ada kawan perempuan yang sudi nak teman kau examine patient). Surgery ok sikit tapi doktor garang. Eh?

Tapi as we see the procedures, read patient's tickets, talk to patients, examine them then balik study. Senang nak recall. Pre clinical you need to hafal semua benda. Tapi for clinical u know which you need to study and which you tak-perlu-sangat-study. Discussion dengan kawan-kawan sangatlah penting as nanti sangat senang  dan stress-tau-tak study sorang-sorang susah sikit nak clarify benda. Kena search banyak resources of information to clarify just a simple things sometimes. Kalau ada kawan tanya je. Senang.

Lagi satu yang best clinical years adalah banyak guna common sense. Relate your common sense with theory. Bagi aku macam puzzle lah. Kena fikir sikit, theory sikit, logic sikit. Senang cerita use-your-brain not depends on books for everything. Sometimes specialist or lecturers on clinical ni cakap agak lain sikit dengan buku (because they remember base on their practices). As long as not contradict, aku serap aja :)

Anyway, being a 3rd year med student ni best. Banyak procedures yang dah boleh buat (wajib buat actually) macam blood taking, wound dressing, suturing (kalau koyak-koyak sebab jatuh tu boleh je nak jahit dah), suture removal, insert cathether, insert cannula, set up iv, pasang ecg dan banyak lagi lah. Kalau setakat BP measuring and blood glucose tu lagi berlambak. Cuma need to practice more using yang manual lah. Hehe.

All in all, 3rd year kurang stress dari first 2 years in med school. Hope i can do well in this Internal Medicine posting. Hiakkkkk! *tunjuk muscle* (yang kurus)

dah main basikal lama-lama petang tadi pun still tak boleh tidur.
Insomnia -__-


Anonymous said...

Salam saudara zaiasraf,
macam mana nak bangkit dari fail exam? sebab yela,when everyone pass and we on the hand have to re-sit the exam,it sometimes macam buat kita rasa tak confidence and down. so if you don't mind,can you share how you overcome negative thoughts? thank you.

Muhammad Zaiasraf bin Zainurin said...

Salam..if u dont mind, come and do aproach me fb etc and we may sit and discuss how. InshaAllah boleh punya lpas. Confident with your abilities, do all possibilities catch all the opportunites. Jangan bazir masa. Study your coming modules make sure jangan ada fail lg and sacrifice your holidays :((have to)