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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Perfection is Unattainable

salam wbt..

nampak tu Totora?..
beli from senior.. =)
RM 50 je..ni la best best when u always ask from seniors..
sebab diorang sangat baik..
budak-budak Medic ni ramai baik2 eh :)
*poyo je.ahah

Alhamdulillah..i have the opportunity and have the energy to write something new here today..
actually at first i don't have anything to write..
as now im busy preparing for the tests and all...

ok..today i having a test regarding the cardiovascular system and blood vessels.
it was obviously easier compared to nervous system..alhamdulillah.

ok..actually yesterday we had a conversation with our President, Dato' Zainuddin Wazir..a.k.a Dato' Zai..hahaha..no la kidding =p

ok..we are told by Dato' that our places to NUI Galway and Uni College Cork is around 30 to 40% students managed to go there..

the result still did not come yet..and for sure many of us down with this statement..~~~
we need to complete for our IELTS, and our final for this sem and wait for the call in July -.-"

but today, i've been tagged by one of my seniors from UCC..xboleh blah!..*senior tu..heheh..insyaAllah..aminn..confidence zai!!..Allah itu Maha Kaya..aminn..~

then that link really make me realize..
why i need to disappointed?...i still have time..for may prayer..
for asking my parents to pray for me..
and study for my IELTS and study for this coming final Sem 3...
masyaAllah...!! Alhamdulillah ^^
i need to get moving!!..

action produce energy and momentum..
i should not relax..just playing the video games..i need to have my own momentum.
so do u too guys, my friend ^^
i still got the time..and the im doing my best now...

Ya Allah,
aku yakin akan ketentuan-Mu..
ok kalau aku dapat aku nak sangat-sangat join Islamic societies there..
and alhamdulillah..sebab dah kenal ramai seniors there..nak sangat pergi..seniors sangat baik..
conditions pun best jugak..so, i will keep my prayer from now and on..insyaAllah..there is no such things as give up in my dictionary..

i believe..
i proved it before..
  • without and single positions in the school from standard 1 to standard 5..i am the HEAD PREFECT in standart 6..!!
  • with 4A 1B in upsr i am the best student in PMR Melaka for 2007
  • from low level, i am the tokoh pejar for 2007
  • at the 2nd last class at MCKK, with the rakings among the 80's, i'm the only one in my class who got straight A's and among the 21 in my school although my ranking among the 80's!!..
and many more..
and i do believe that..Allah itu Maha Kaya, Maha Mengetahui..
and i need to keep my efforts from now and on!..
I believe the miracle will come next..coz Man Jadda Wa Jadda..who strive, he/she is the one who success..

i always start with low grade~~ huhu..
xpe..i will strive..coz i am not a very clever..but i think, if i will be more hardworking, it will be far better as my previous history..insyaAllah i am trying..

ok kalau tak dapat?.
insyaAllah MD UKM for me kalau tak dapat Ireland...
but i will keep praying for Ireland..

but no such things applying the other colleges in my dictionary..
Taylors, Manipal smua aku tak mau...
kalau takde rezeki aku stay..insyaAllah ade hikmah..but as long as i can do my effort..
i will..^^

Allah tidak memandang kepada hasil sesuatu perkara yang kamu buat, Allah memandang kepada usaha atas apa yang kamu lakukan...

Niatlah kerana Allah..and InsyaAllah everything will be fine..aminn.~

may the best got thier places at Ireland my friend at Aucms :)
all the best people..

ikhlas from : Muhammad Zaiasraf bin Zainurin

p/s : here the link from my senior from UCC..
special thanks Kak Iliana Nordin =')


Herlisyatt said...

all the best :)

Muhammad Zaiasraf bin Zainurin said...

thanks :)

rashidah said...

Mak akan sentiasa berdoa untuk Along. Yang penting along kena buktikan yang along akan berjaya dan akan melanjutkan pelajaran ke Ireland. Insya Allah. Allah adalah perancang yang baik untuk hamba2NYA. Sayang dari mak dan abah serta adik2 yang mengharapkan kejayaan along dan memberikan inspirasi kepada adik2 yang lain.

Muhammad Zaiasraf bin Zainurin said...

insyaAllah.thanks mak :)
doakan selalu..insyaAllah im doing my best here :')

nur izyan izzati said...

zai..kak ille tu final med UCC..dah tak lama nak grad jadi doctor :) doa la so that our path will cross in the future, insyaAllah

Muhammad Zaiasraf bin Zainurin said...

insyaAllah kak izyan :)
terharu ramai seniors from UCC singgah sini~~..thanks!! =')

ameenuddeen said...

hasbunallah wani'mal wakeel... once dah buat betul2, bertawakkal-lah..

p/s: koleq ape cer? SPM aritu dengarnye pecah rekod? - aku class 05 by the way..

Muhammad Zaiasraf bin Zainurin said...


erm koleq SPM?..xtau la pecah rekod 05 ngan 06 ke tak..
tapi CGPA mmg lagi rendah ah..this maybe due to new system of A+ insteed of A1 kot..

but all in all..mmg salute ah kat diorang.. 16 SBP btw.. :)