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Sunday, November 27, 2011


assalammualaikum wbt

"Awak menulis itu kerana hendak tunjuk awak seorang alim, baik dan selepas tengok blog orang lain lebih alim, lebih baik daripada awak, awak tidak puas hati?

What's wrong with you?"

Petikan artikel "Sandiwara Dunia Blogging"

Kalau menulis untuk riya', untuk dapat ramai followers, untuk famous, better stop writing.

Only the owner of the blog itself and Allah know everything.
Sometimes we write to express our emotions.
To express our anger toward others.
And to provoke.

And yes.
Entry with provocation tend to get higher in number of comments and visitors.
I have few of  it.
And yes. Its true.

And talking about da'awah.
I really do believe that everyone are required to do that.
As a Muslim.

And talking about blogging and da'awah,
there are peoples that do da'awah in their blog to get popularity,
followers and comments etc.

and that should not be the priority of blogging actually.

For me,
Da'awah in term of writing is easier because usually writing is easier than talking.
And sometimes. 
there are people that only copying from Google etc to their blog.

Its ok to copy part of article, 
but please not whole of it.

And alhamdulillah until now my followers have achieved 150+
and i believe it is very little for  blogging since 2009.
and i think it enough for now. Not to achieving until 1000+ its ok.
coz not all will visit your blog.

But i think and believe  not all people will read what u said/write.
we tend to write about our life, our experience, 
But people do not want to know all about you, and not all you should tell people.

For me.
Its ok my blog for just have a few information on what i have gone through.
in medical school for example.
and short entry on what i did.
and there i put bit of advice in term of Islamic or short advice with hope I will get benefits even less.

And actually it is as a motivation for me.
You write than u do not do it.
mana boleh kan.


Sampaikanlah walaupun satu ayat right?.

And every uni should have at least 1 blogger so that it is easier for others to find a few info regarding their learning system and student's opinions regarding their uni, school etc.

So, enough for my point of view.
Thanks to everybody that read my blog.

Trying to reach greater things that are not suitable for oneself eventually leads to destruction of one's body.

Greed can ruin you. Plan appropriate goal and try to achieve them.

Know why we do blogging. And what we aimed for. ^_^

adaptation from story of frog and ox.



Alhamdulillah so far aku tengok blog budak medic semua alim2.keep it up.semoga jadi satu medium untuk mengembangkan islam.

Muhammad Zaiasraf bin Zainurin said...

thanks bro :) insyaAllah