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Saturday, April 28, 2012

White Black Lie

Assalammualaikum wbt n salam sejahtera

"my mother says if I go to eat someone's house and I do not like the food and the host asks do I like it I must say thank you."

When is it a sin to lie?

"If you broke something and you said your sister did it, what would be a bad lie, for it would be hurting someone who had not done wrong. But if you say yes and thank you like you would't hurting anyone. In fact you said no, you would be hurting your host!"

So there's good lies and bad lies?

"But suppose my lie makes her think her food is really nice and so she never tries to make it better and then people won't like to eat in her house and then in the end she'll get hurt worse. Won't my lie be a bad one then?"


"Lying is bad but hurting is worse."

from : As I Was Passing II-Adibah Amin


Usually when we do not like something, we not directly say that we do not like it.

food for example
"my mum can cook better-lah"
"this is cannot even enter my mouth-la"
"this is better enter the dustbin-lah"
"why too many sayur-lah"

if you eat at the stall for example, then you are welcome to complain to the owner.

but if someone give you food for FREE
do not complain.
just eat-and-say-thank you ^_^

you don't like
how about the others?
maybe they like the food? =)

Well, even tough you can cook better,
you need to care for other's feeling.
you need to think of the effort of others.

everyone like to receive some appreciations
some compliment
some good word.

Lying is bad, but hurting is worse.

Look at this picture.
It's me..
yeah i know


this is just a technique of photography.
called panning.

kalau laju confirm cameraman cannot snap-lah!

it just a technique of photography.

i don't want to risk my life.
because i wanna be a doctor
i wanna be someone

and 1 more thing.
i'm not married yet.

picture can describe a thousand word.

eh maybe betul coz orang boleh ingat.
"dah jadi mat rempit dah doctor ni "

hargailah nyawa anda.
dosa buat something that may risk your life.

p/s : masa snap this pic, only 15km/h je.
jangan jadi jahat zai =)

im-not-so-called-samseng jalanan



Anonymous said...

bad english

Reeza Redzuan said...

Selamat menjadi doktor yang akan menyelamatkan nyawa ramai insan! Jangan lupa praktis melayan pesakit ye...

Muhammad Zaiasraf bin Zainurin said...

anonymous : yeah i know :) hahaha

reeza : insyaAllah. thanks! :)