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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Medic is not the dance floor for waltz..

salam wbt..

Alhamdulillah...ok finished with entry yang sangat-sangat mengarut..
and now im get more serius back. :)

ok..medic isn't the dance floor for waltz...have u ever heard about it before..?.
erm..what i can say is i am a very hard working student..

before, i think..medic is easy..
what i mean easy was..like this..
medic do not require a much complicated theory and such..
as long as u are hardworking enough...then u will pass all ur exam..

medic need someone who is very special..

someone who is hardworking enough..
someone who is able to memorize thousands of facts..and understand it..
someone who is able to communicate well with people..
someone who cares..
someone who can smile not for paid..

betullah that seniors said..i used that point during my interview before..
medic is not all about money..
medic is a noble profession..
who need you to be patience..
u need to have a compassionate heart towards human's suffers..
coz medic is study and ibadah sepanjang hayat..

not everybody is born to be a doctor..
but WE are choosen to be a doctor..
and i am proud about it..alhamdulillah..

but..medic is not that easy..
ye lah..memang lah gaji belambak-lambak..like my ambition..
cardiothoracic surgeon uh..
but the journey to become one..
is not easy..

ye lah..
we have to face the fact..

we have to face the fact that..
no all of US will go to Ireland next..
so, we need to prepare from now on..and stop doing such stupid things..
*ok aku terasa yang ni..
tapi kinder joy tu sedaplah =p

i have a senior..from my previous alma mater.
Malay College Kuala Kangsar..
siapa tak kenal this school..

orang smua put very high expectation on us..
but we need to understand..Allah creates human with the same abilities..
not more..not less..that is the fact..

this senior was offered and sponsured to Aussie
for medicine..
but then..i his 2nd year..he got a problem..
and that uni kicked him..

but now he is studying for MD UKM for the 2nd year..
but he is now 27..ya Allah..patutnya dah grad..

but see???...
not all are lucky enough to pass this medicine course..
it was not easy lah..

but i really salute for that guy..
i understand him..insyaAllah..
somehow he give me a responsibility as someone here..
he trust in me to handle few events under his conduction..
he teaching me a lot..till now =)
aku doakan kau berjaya bro..insyaAllah..

kan?..medic is not the dance floor for waltz..
moreover we are just 1 year after our spm..
compared to a-level and ib..we now have already our anatomy..
ya Allah..it was heavy..but i try my best..
stakat ni carry marks..hehehe..buat malu nak cerita je..
but im trying so far..

a lot to remember..
ok chow...
salam wbt..

medic not the dance floor for waltz..


rashidah said...

Along, memang payah, tapi doa dan tawakal disamping selalu dekat dengan Allah, akan menjadikan yang payah menjadi mudah. Doa mak sentiasa mengiringimu sayang.

A said...

stumbled upon ur entry here..may Allah help you on ur journey:)

p.s. 5 years in Medic will fly as quick as ever. treasure every moment.

Herlisyatt said...

all the best awok

berkat usaha dan doa, pasti berbua hasil.

Dia lebih tahu. :')

Muhammad Zaiasraf bin Zainurin said...

insyaAllah mak :)..selalu2 lah doakan :) im trying my best here.
untuk jd example for the others :)

A : thanks 4 visiting my blog :)
insyaAllah..btw, if u got any advices u r welcome to do so :)

insyaAllah ye fatin :)..u too.all the best for the UIA medic selection next :)

makino said...

when things didn't go the way you want it to,the answer is simple,there's always another way.=)
Good luck bro.

Muhammad Zaiasraf bin Zainurin said...

thanks for the quotes makino =)

Anonymous said...

mengapa tidak:)